About Us

Contactlenscolor, "the third eye that defines", our company was founded in 2011 and has been loved by many clients and influencers, we are dedicated to beauty and safety. We believe in the infinite possibilities of color eyes. You can feel better, build more confidence and achieve yourself with different eye colors. Be creative, emotional, transformative with "WEAR YOUR GLOW"

Based on your unique charm, we bring you a brand new winking experience. Multiple product lines, from natural to bold, from cute to cosplay, to festive vibes, to meet your needs. Whether it's your daily nature needs, a night out or a party, our lenses will add the finishing touch to any of your styles.

About contactlenscolor! We are a group of cosplay and beauty lovers. This means we have an in-depth understanding of the needs and fashion trends for wearing colored contact lenses. Always aware of the cutting edge designs people wear, we are always ready to push the envelope with lenses that surprise, delight and captivate. We also know that colored lenses aren't just for conferences and Halloween parties.

At contactlenscolor, we follow the latest fashion and lifestyle to provide our clients with the colored contact lenses they need. We are well aware that wearing stylish colored lenses is often the precise touch people need to define their identity on a daily basis. As the possibilities for designs and styles have expanded as technology continues to improve and become more available, the options and the lenses themselves can now be worn by almost anyone anytime, anywhere. This has led to more people wearing their bold personal style choices, not only for parties and big events, but also for everyday wear. People are now more comfortable being themselves and expressing their true feelings, and the eyes are one of the most powerful mediums to achieve this. As seasoned colorful contact wearers, we understand the importance of every contact to every interesting soul.